About Us

Who we are

Write it Right is a multi-niche blog with only one aim – to write it “right”. We are a group of bloggers who believe that while there is an ocean of content on the internet, a vast majority of it is “not” valuable.

Hence, Write it Right has been created with the sole aim to provide the most updated, valuable, and user friendly content to the readers.

Here you will find articles, how to’s, product reviews, and tips relating to many aspects of life. The mission is to provide value to readers and help them learn or understand something they are interested in.

We are here to provide you no nonsense content that will make reading fun and insightful.

Who we are not!

Write it Right is NOT a freelance writing agency that is looking for digital businesses for content marketing business. We are a group of independent, part-time bloggers who write about various niches. We write content with the sole aim of providing valuable content to our readers.

While it is true that we may earn ad revenue from visitors on our site or through affiliate links, monetization is a secondary priority for us.

Meet the man behind Write it Right – Ashish Ganguli

He is the one behind the concept of Write it Right. Having years of content & blog writing experience under his belt, Ashish has seen the content landscape change. He writes mainly on finance niche which is an area of immense interest for him.

He is passionate about wealth creation, credit cards, market investment and fintech and wishes to share his experience and expertise with people looking for answers.

His content is inspired by his own experience as a millennial spender in this fast-evolving digital world and is aimed to help people make the right financial choices to generate wealth and spend wisely.

You can expect some neat credit card tricks and tips that will help you avoid debt trap and make the most out of credit card rewards when you read his work.

If you have any questions for him, you can reach out directly at ashish.ganguli@write-it-right.in

Where can you reach us?

Have any question / suggestion / feedback? Want to associate with us for writing content for the blog? Feel free to reach out on info@write-it-right.in or contact us using the form.

You can also follow us on social media to stay updated on all the amazing content that we share.