All you need to know about Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card

Amazon is no longer just the online shopping site anymore. After the launch of Amazon Pay, the company forayed deeper into the highly lucrative digital payments vertical. However, rather than sticking to the payment services, they came out with the Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card in order to strengthen their offering.

The card was launched in 2018 and has enjoyed heightened success since. This is majorly due to the practical applications of the card combined with the fact that it is free to own. Moreover, the rewards offered by Amazon on this credit card is unparalleled.

So, without further ado, let us know more about the Amazon Pay ICICI card.

What is Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card?

The Amazon Pay ICICI card is a lifetime free credit card offered by ICICI bank in association with Amazon Pay and Visa. It offers amazing benefits to customers who use Amazon frequently.

The deal is sweeter for those who are Prime members on Amazon. It is because they get up to 5% cashback on all eligible spends across Amazon. This is 2% higher than what non-Prime members are able to get on eligible spends.

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The Amazon Pay ICICI credit card comes with a lot of benefits. The key highlighting features of the card are –

The key features of Amazon Pay ICICI credit card
The key features of Amazon Pay ICICI credit card

* Cashback is given in the form of Amazon Pay balance

^ Cashback is applicable on all spends except for payment towards e-books, gift cards (both physical and digital), and load & reload of Amazon Pay balance. Also, EMI & Gold purchases will also not earn any cashback.

^^ All spends except fuel and Gold

Apart from the above benefits, the card offers 1% fuel surcharge waiver (which is common to most of the cards really).

So, as you can clearly see, the card works best for the younger generation who transact more online. Furthermore, the card is a must-have for those who are loyal to Amazon and shop frequently from the platform.

Another set of users who can benefit from the card are the ones who use Amazon Pay as their mode of payment.

This is because all the rewards earned through the card are credited as Amazon Pay balance which can be used anywhere.

However, if you’re more of the real world consumer, then this card might not be worth it.

How to apply for the Amazon Pay ICICI Card?

Those users who get a link to apply for the card on their Amazon accounts are eligible to apply.

The application process is fairly simple thanks to Aadhaar e-KYC and Video KYC options.

All you need to do is the following –

  1. Open Amazon app / website and login
  2. Go to Amazon Pay section and see if you are eligible to apply
  3. Begin your application by giving your Aadhaar number and PAN number. The portal will ask you to verify your Aadhaar for e-KYC via OTP.
  4. If you do not wish to use Aadhaar e-KYC, then you can proceed with any other ID document. Please note that in this scenario, the bank representative will contact you to take the application further.
  5. If you proceed with Aadhaar OTP verification, you will get an application form wherein you are required to provide additional information.
  6. After submitting the form, you can proceed for video KYC with ICICI bank (for details refer to this link).
  7. The video KYC takes less than 5 minutes (I got it done a few days ago) and once done, your application is under review.
  8. Once approved, you can start using the virtual credit card via the ICICI iMobile app (for existing ICICI customers only).

You will receive the physical credit card within 7 business days post approval.

Final recommendation

As you can see from above, the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card is a great option for those who –

  1. Use Amazon a lot
  2. Are Prime Members
  3. Transact online frequently
  4. Use Amazon Pay for payments

However, if you are not a pure Amazon loyalist, you can check out the HDFC Millennia credit card. This card is tailor made for the millennial generation and offers cashback and discounts irrespective of the platform.

If you’re more interested in a rewards credit card, then this article will help. It talks about the experience I have had with the American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card.

I hope this information regarding Amazon Pay ICICI card will come in handy for you. I will come back with a detailed review for this card once I have used it for a couple of months.

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