Want freelance content writing jobs? Check these 5 websites

In this highly digital age, freelancing is becoming a widely adapted form of career. Right from web development, content writing to business consulting, there are freelancing professionals available for practically anything. One such niche that has gained a lot of traction is freelance content writing jobs.

Freelance content writing jobs

What is a freelance content writing job and why is it popular?

The entire digital space is filled with content. Be it a website, a blog or a social media handle, everything that is available on the internet is technically content.

With so many businesses going online, content writing has become a lucrative career niche. Digital businesses, content marketers, and bloggers are in high demand since people spend most of their time glued to their screens.

In a nutshell, freelance writing can be defined as a part-time job requiring the writer to create high quality, engaging, and targeted content for a brand. The content can be in the way of website pages, blogs, articles, social media posts, and sales landing pages etc.

Freelance content writing jobs have become popular since companies don’t want to hire full time writers. It is because firms don’t have constant writing requirements and hence it is a better option to hire freelancers for the same.

Major benefits for firms include:

  • Less number of people on their payroll ensuring savings in cost headers such as PF, paid leaves, insurance, and food coupons etc.
  • Effectively manage headcounts on a project to project basis
  • Easier to replace talent in case there are performance issues
  • Flexibility of working with expert writers from various writing niche on need basis

Major benefits for freelancers include:

  • Flexibility of working with multiple clients at once
  • Flexibility of working from anywhere (since most of the opportunities are remote)
  • Work according to your schedule and take time off when needed
  • Be your own boss and work on your own terms
  • No fixed appraisal cycle. Can increase your charges as per the project provided you deliver the required quality of content

Sources for freelance content writing jobs

There are various sources from where you can grab a writing gig. Right from social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn to portals like Fiverr and UpWork, there are numerous places where you can showcase your writing acumen and get jobs.

However, things don’t end here. There are many offbeat websites that can help you land a job. These sites are not as popular as the mainstream players but they also offer decent work opportunities.

To help the freelance writing community, we have identified 5 such unconventional sources of freelance content writing jobs that can be explored to broaden your earning horizons.

1. Truelancer

Akin to Freelancer is Truelancer, an Indian freelance portal which deals across the globe.

Their modus operandi is similar to Freelancer, UpWork, and WorknHire, wherein they allow freelancers to bid for projects posted by employers. Additionally, they also allow you to post services which is comparable to how Fiverr works.

The earning potential is in line with what you can make with Freelancer. However, being relatively newer and less popular, the competition here is low.

Therefore, this can be a great place to start your freelance writing career since you can grab a job quicker than the other portals.

Truelancer - Homepage

Company Stats:

  • Founded – 2014
  • Ideal for – Any freelancer irrespective of experience level
  • Minimum payout – None
  • Payment methods – Bank Transfer
  • Commission – 10% on the total amount earned per project (8% for Pro and Plus members)
  • Website – www.truelancer.com

Pros –

  • Easy to set up & use
  • Free to join and apply to jobs (offers 20 bids per month for free members)
  • Less competitive than other mainstream websites hence a good place for a new freelance writer to gain experience
  • Direct bank transfers for payment & payment protection offered by website for peace of mind

Cons –

  • Consists of mostly low paying jobs
  • Limited global reach
  • For getting premium jobs, you need to become a Pro / Plus member

Final Take –

In order for this to become a real money maker, you need to subscribe to their paid plans. This is because only paid members are allowed to bid on jobs paying more than INR 5000.

Hence, we recommend new freelancers to use Truelancer as a backup option to other bigger sites. This can help with getting some extra gigs while you’re developing your portfolio on the more mainstream sites.

2. Rozgaar India

Another website dedicated to Indian freelancers is Rozgaar India. Their vision is to help Indian freelancers find a reliable source for gigs that spans across categories like content, design, development, and more.

Founded in 2018, the portal is not very popular yet. However, the team is working in the right direction of raising awareness by doing Google Ads, social media marketing etc.

The way this website works is very similar to Fiverr. People post their gigs and tell potential employers what they can do and for what price.

This gives you the power to price your services and avoid working on projects which are underpaid.

If you’re experienced with working on Fiverr, this can be a good addition to grab some more clients.

Rozgaar India - Homepage

Company Stats:

  • Founded – 2018
  • Ideal for – Any freelancer irrespective of experience level
  • Minimum payout – None
  • Payment methods – Bank Transfer
  • Commission- INR 99 only as a one-time seller activation fee (before posting the first gig)
  • Website – www.rozgaarindia.com

Pros –

  • No commission (apart from the one time seller activation fee)
  • Flexibility to set own rates
  • Higher level of trust since they use mobile number based registrations and require buyers to pay 10% commission while ordering work. This ensures the genuineness of the buyers.

Cons –

  • Relatively new site hence lower number of buyers
  • Lower global outreach

Final Take –

Rozgaar India is a fresh take on the gig economy in India. We see it as a right step in the direction of helping freelancers.

While the number of buyers might not be high at this stage, you should definitely try this website for creating a secondary source of freelance opportunities.

3. WriterBay

WriterBay is a freelance job provider totally dedicated to content writers. Their mode of operation is quite different from the “usual” freelance marketplaces.

In order to work with WriterBay, you have to follow a registration process where they test your writing and basic English grammar skills.

They even require you to submit your educational qualification & CV before considering your application. The detailed process of application can be referred here.

Once you’re approved, you can set up your profile on their website and select the topics on which you want to write.

While getting approved into their network of writers is tough, this can be another great source of income if you are able to get through.

They keep giving you relevant suggestions and all you have to do is bid for the job that you want.

Once you get the job, you can complete the task and upload on their portal for final review and approval by the client.

They even offer promotions to writers who are consistently delivering quality content, which translates to increased earnings and less scrutiny.

WriterBay - Welcome

Company Stats:

  • Founded – 2007
  • Ideal for – Content writers with 1-2 yrs of experience (however, freshers with good writing skills can also apply)
  • Minimum payout – $100 (payment frequency is twice per month)
  • Payment methods – WebMoney, Hyperwallet, and Payoneer
  • Commission – None
  • Website – www.writerbay.com

Pros –

  • Only for freelance writers (no web development, design etc. projects on their site)
  • Better pay than other Indian freelancing platforms
  • Constant flow of work
  • Promotion policy leading to increased earnings for “Pro” writers

Cons –

  • Difficult to get approved into their network
  • Bidding process is competitive
  • Most of the work comes from students and is related to academic projects & assignments

Final Take –

WriterBay can be a good addition if you’re into writing project reports and assignments for students. The pay is competitive and work flow is constant.

Another positive aspect is the inclusion of a promotion policy. This means you can easily improve your earnings by consistently delivering quality content.

4. Pro Blogger

If you’re experienced in the game of content writing, Pro Blogger can be a great source of work. This website offers some of the best and highest paying gigs that you can find.

However, getting a gig from Pro Blogger is no cake walk. It charges a hefty amount from job posters. This means that the ones who post jobs here are looking for the best talent.

Therefore, bloggers with years of experience and expertise in a niche have an inherent advantage when it comes to this platform.

If you are able to land a gig through this website, chances are that you will be able to increase your income by at least 2X if not more.

Pro Blogger - Homepage

Company Stats:

  • Founded – 2004
  • Ideal for – Experienced / Intermediate content writers
  • Minimum payout – None
  • Payment method – Depends on the client
  • Commission – None
  • Website – www.problogger.com

Pros –

  • High paying jobs
  • Step by step support throughout the application process
  • A veteran name in the blogging industry
  • No time wasters since job postings are chargeable

Cons –

  • Stiff competition since you are competing with seasoned bloggers
  • Many jobs require native speakers which is a deterrent for non-English speaking people

Final Take –

If you’re a writer with a decent level of experience, we definitely recommend Pro Blogger. Even though getting a job here might not be easy, but it is worth the effort.

You can even subscribe to their blog as they give many useful tips for freelance writers and bloggers.

5. Constant Content

Another website dedicated to content writers is Constant Content. They position themselves as a content provider to businesses and offer freelance work to writers.

Their mode of operation is similar to WriterBay, since they also follow a strict registration process. To get approved into their network, you need to do the following:

  • Sign up by providing basic information
  • Pass a basic language quiz
  • Write a small sample for their editorial team

Once approved, you can then either work on projects posted by clients or submit your own article for sale. A detailed guide on how they work is given here.

Constant Content - Homepage

Company Stats:

  • Founded – 2004
  • Ideal for – Experienced / Intermediate content writers
  • Minimum payout – $5
  • Payment method – PayPal
  • Website – www.constant-content.com

Pros –

  • High quality work from leading brands
  • Better pay than other networks
  • You can decide your own price for selling an article (works like Fiverr in this regard)

Cons –

  • Getting approved is difficult
  • Stiff competition

Final Take –

Constant Content might be similar to WriterBay in their style of working, however there is a major difference in their source of work.

While WriterBay mostly provides academic assignments, Constant Content gets projects from leading brands like Uber, etc.

This difference is huge since if you’re not into academic writing as such, WriterBay might not be your cup of tea.

Additionally, they offer you a blend of both traditional bidding for jobs and the ability to sell your articles. In a way, they are trying to provide you with the best of both worlds.

Hence, we recommend signing up for Constant Content and working to make it a main source of your freelance content writing jobs.


These are 5 offbeat sources of freelance content writing jobs that you can check out.

We believe that as a freelancer, you should always look for opportunities to grow and these sites will help you do just that.

While there is “no one size fits all”, we encourage you to check out these websites and give them a try.

Here is what you should do next:

  • Let us know in the comments which of the above websites you’ve worked for and how did it go for you.
  • If you’re new to freelancing and want to learn beginner tips, we suggest you check out our articles on how to earn money from writing.

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