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Do you know what is worse than having bad content? A good content with a bad headline. Yes, you heard us right. Having a dull headline makes your content less intriguing to your readers, something you don’t want. But, fear not. In today’s age of AI based tools, there are many headline analyzing tools that are out there for your help. One such tool that we are going to cover today is CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

How much does content headline matter?

It has been argued that as many as 5 times more people read your headline than the actual content. Now, if that is true, then you already know why content headline matters.

With a not so good headline, you make sure that people stay away from your content. This results is less traffic to your site, can affect your SEO, and will make it hard for you to build a reader base.

So, how do we make it right? By writing catchy headings of course!!

Having a catchy headline is a great way to increase traffic to your content. The key to engaging content lies in the headline. When writing an article/blog post, your heading is one of the most important features.

By doing a headline analysis before you write content, you can improve the quality and reach of your content manifold. Headline is the first point of contact with your readers and hence you must get them right. This creates a positive first impact on your readers and goes a long way in building a loyal reader base.

A powerful heading will attract user’s attention and make them click through to your article. Well written and “catchy” headlines can amazingly improve the click through rate of your blog / article.

Now, the question is – how do you know if a headline is powerful? Well, that is where a tool like CoSchedule Headline Analyzer comes in handy.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – What is it and how it works?

CoSchedule is a firm that creates amazing products for marketers. They offer agile campaign management tools for marketing teams which is aimed to enhance performance and increase productivity.

While CoSchedule offers many products, the one we are going to review today is their headline analyzer.

The tool provides an in-depth analysis of the heading of your article and gives you an overall score. The score generated typically uses the below parameters –

  • Niche based metrics
  • Readability ratings
  • Sentiment & tone analysis
  • SEO ratings

All of this allows the AI based algorithm to analyze your headline and come up with a final score and suggestions for improvement. It is recommended to get a score of above 70 for best results.

By following the tips and suggestions provided, you can easily ramp up your score and reach 70 or above.

Some salient features of the tool are –

  • Logs a history of the headlines so you can track your improvements
  • Helps categorize your headline as emotional or generic and provides suggestions accordingly
  • Helps analyze the right length of your headline from both word count and number of characters perspective
  • Provides a breakup of the type of words used in the headline and provides tips for improvement

To explain how the tool works, you can see an analysis of one of the headings used for a SEO niche post that we wrote.

The CoSchedule headline analyzer tool screenshot detailing the result of an analyzed headline
Image Source – CoSchedule HeadlineStudio
A screenshot detailing the various metrics analyzed by CoSchedule Headline Analyzer
Tips around type of words and their mix as given by the Headline Analyzer

You can observe how beautifully CoSchedule does the headline analysis and provides a break up of how the headline performs on each front.

By following their suggestions, you can enhance your headline and make it even more powerful.

Steps to follow for headline analysis

Now that you’ve seen how the tool helps, it is time for you to try it out for yourself.

Just follow the below steps and you will be able to analyze your content headings in no time –

  • Head over to this link
  • Sign up (it’s free) and login to your account
  • Write your headline in the space provided
  • Click on Analyze!!

And you’re done… You will find a detailed analysis of your headline along with the score and suggestions.

The basic tool is free which should give you a fair idea about the headlines you’re creating. However, if you need more than basics and are looking for the full suite, then you can check out their pricing below.

CoSchedule HeadlineStudio pricing as of May 2021 as per details from their official website
Pricing (source – CoSchedule Website)

Please note that this pricing is applicable as of the date of publishing and might change at the discretion of the company.

However, opting for an annual package almost always gets you a discount. Hence, if you are looking to invest in the CoSchedule headline tool, then our suggestion would be to go for a yearly plan.

What are the best alternatives to CoSchedule?

CoSchedule headline analyzer is one of the best there is in the market. However, this does not mean that there are no worthy alternatives available.

If CoSchedule’s tool doesn’t work for you (which we doubt!!), you can use any of the below mentioned alternatives.

1. Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

The best alternative available to CoSchedule is Sharethrough. Their interface is neat, analysis is detailed, and scoring algorithm works somewhat similar to CoSchedule.

Another point to note is that this tool is free to use and does not even require you to sign up.

A few important features of the tool are –

  • Free to use
  • Minimalistic design and easy to navigate
  • Provides an engagement score which is a good metric to test your headline

2. Impact’s Blog About

Impact is a digital marketing and consulting agency that aims to help businesses grow their digital footprint.

They also have a blog title generator that suggests titles based on the topic you want to write about.

Apart from being a good title suggester, Blog About also helps in researching on the topics on which you can write.

Salient features of the tool are –

  • Provides relatable headlines as per the topic entered
  • Helps to build a content pool for bloggers
  • Provides keyword suggestions as per your industry and niche covered to help with SEO and targeting

3. Headline Analyzer by CapitalizeMyTitle

Another decent headline analyzer is by CapitalizeMyTitle. This tool works on similar lines to CoSchedule and provides a final headline score (out of 100).

It also helps break it down into three main categories’ viz. Readability, SEO & Sentiment to help you understand which part of the headline you need to work on.

Some major features of the headline analyzer are –

  • Helps identify common or weasel words which do not aid in conveying much meaning to your audience
  • Provides suggestion to boost headline SEO
  • Helps to incorporate powerful words into your headlines for better impact


We hope this article helps you understand the importance of headlines and the various tools available. While CoSchedule headline analyzer is one of the most advanced out there, the others are not so bad themselves.

However, we recommend that as a blogger, freelancer and / or writing agency, you should definitely use one of the tools mentioned above. Not only will this help you write better headlines, it will also help in boosting your content’s SEO quotient.

So, what are you waiting for? Start analyzing your headlines today and write impactful, engaging and viral headlines for your content!!

Have any further questions about this tool? Contact us and we will try to answer them.

Got any other tool suggestions for headlines? Tell us, and we’ll feature it on our blog!!

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